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Earlier this year, Nike and NBA formally established a partnership, both sides focused on bringing innovation to the game.

From the introduction of various versions of the jersey, Nike and the NBA have shaken the tradition, no longer rigidly adhere to the jersey home and away rotation system, each version of the design has a clear design goal: demonstrate the league's 30 team's iconic element. Nike released the fourth version of the city version after launching the Union version, the classic color version and the theme version jerseys cheap nfl jerseys free shipping. These designs are used to pay tribute to fans - they pilgrimage to home stadium 41 times a year, using their passions to define the difference each team has. Nike NBA City Jersey contains the team's deep insight and emotions, from each city's stadium, stands and streets, a unique way to show each team and their city, expressed the moment for each club and Historical respect, but also made clear their future. The following is a few nike city jerseys this season a few details.

Los Angeles Lakers

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Since 1960, the Lakers have nurtured countless celebrity players, each starring the entire city around the Zijin Army. Out of this consideration, the team will be the city version of shirt design as a "legend series", to pay tribute to the team's most famous players. Lakers legend Bryant - Bryant became the first Lakers City version jersey design inspiration source. This section of the jersey with Black Mamba pattern, the waistband at the Lakers number 24 printed. The jersey has 16 stars printed on its sides, symbolizing the Lakers 'total 16 NBA titles so far, highlighting the Lakers' splendid tradition.

Boston Celtics

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Since 1957, the Boston Celtics have won 17 NBA titles, the league right. The Boston Celtics have always been the term "dynasty", under who's lead, the most dominant insider history, the "legend" of the super pitcher, or the key man who is called the "truth." The best definition of. Too many leaders and legends were born in Boston, and they all succeeded under the dome of the same stadium. Known as the "Garden Hall" parquet floor venues have become as Celtic white and green color as important team label. Celtic City Jersey will pay tribute to this unique hardwood floor, and the creator of that dynasty: Cardinal Auerbach. The belt highlights iconic banner elements to honor the honor banner over the roof of the TD Garden Arena and highlights the recent title of the Celtics for the 2008 championship. Jerseys overall with a gray background, a symbol of the team long history has always been behind the support of their fans in New England.

Golden State Warriors

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There is no doubt that now the basketball god of Golden State Warriors favored. The Warriors have drawn more attention than any other team in recent years, thanks to their own head coach and a new generation of stars. As a proud part of Oakland, the Warriors have become representatives of the entire Bay Area since they moved to the West Coast in 1962. The Warriors relocation occurred almost at the same time as the birth of San Francisco's San Francisco Chinatown, which brought diversity and rapid growth to the city - a central inspiration for the City's jersey design Source: Tribute to Chinese culture rooted in Bay Area and a sign of prosperity. Belongs at the festive very happy Chinese team demonstrated a sense of pride, while the chest of the team logo is a fusion of the Golden Gate Bridge and traditional Chinese culture. This iconic suspension bridge logo also appears in other jersey versions of the team.

Cleveland Cavalier

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Cleveland Cavaliers interpretation of the effort will eventually gain. The pride and spirit of the community as a whole encouraged the team to unite and defend their home with "all for me, for all" and for "defending the territory." The iconic Megatron Stone Guard has been standing at the Cleveland Hope Memorial Bridge for over 75 years, guarding travelers entering and leaving the city. Knight City jersey shirt printed on the side of the logo patron saint, while incorporating the team on behalf of the logo: the patron saint's head was replaced by the Knight's shield standard. This graphic design is also inspired by the Paladin shirt. Belt at Ohio State silhouette are close-up, a symbol of the team here is the spiritual content of the guardian. If these features are not prominent enough, jersey chest "The Land" pattern is a direct expression of tribute to the entire northeastern Ohio area.

Milwaukee Bucks

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Milwaukee has two major signs: swept through the Lake Michigan winter and Cream City brick. The latter, made from clay excavated in the Menominee Valley, has become a feature of the local architecture, while the former has forged the unique courage and determination of the local people. Now the hometown bucks in this city, young, ambitious and unique, know that these qualities are crucial to their success. As the primary color of Milwaukee's urban architecture, cream has become the color of the Bucks City jersey. The other colors of the jersey stem from the rich colors of the city and its surroundings. The rainbow pattern on the chest shows the beauty of the cream city, the green part shows the lush landscape of Wisconsin, and the blue part reveals the etymology of Milwaukee: where water flows together. Impressive deer head pattern is also essential. In the meantime, Wisconsin's silhouette appears on the belt. All of these elements add up to pay tribute to fans who have always supported the team with hard work and tremendous enthusiasm since 1968.

Memphis Grizzlies

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The Memphis Grizzlies released their City Edition shirt at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial earlier this month. On January 15, at the birth of the leader of the civil rights movement, the Grizzlies will be one of the first teams in the league to wear city jerseys during their games against the Los Angeles Lakers.

All jerseys

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The urban jerseys of all 30 NBA teams are updated once a year and will be inspired by a variety of designs, but the core idea is to focus on supporting the fans and the city. The complete list below will show you that every shirt expresses respect for the most important element of the team's lineage.

Atlanta Eagle

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The Atlanta Hawks City Jersey is a tribute to both the rich history and the outlook for the future. Asymmetrical lines and fluorescent green inherit the team's 70's jersey style. Inspiration of patterns and fonts are taken from the city's avant-garde music scene.

Boston Celtics

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Celtic City jersey tribute to the team's unique mosaic floor, and the legendary founder of the team Cardinal Auerbach. Belt is displayed at the top of the TD Garden Arena covered with honor banner, and highlighted the Celtics recently won in 2008 title.

Brooklyn Nets

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The Brooklyn Bridge is not just a traffic hub; it is the link of life between a busy work and a colorful life. Between the line patterns symbolizing the bridge's steel cables, the team's slogan, Brooklyn Unite, is printed on top of the shirt's bottom table, a city jersey tribute to the team and fans and residents Close contact.

Charlotte wasp

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As their team name suggests, the Charlotte Hornets are united and work hard. The city version of the shirt with a honeycomb pattern, but also to simulate the color of the wasp wings, shirt above the subscript is the team's slogan ("join the bee colony").

Chicago Bulls

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Bulls' "Chicago" and "Bulls" logo has become a recognized symbol of the United States. The Bulls City Jersey combines the city's pride and tough history to create a legendary look that highlights the Bulls as one of the league's history's most famous teams.

Cleveland Cavalier

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Knight City jerseys with Cleveland landmarks - standing on the Cleveland Memorial Bridge on the "Guardian" stone carving patterns symbolize the determination to defend the territory.

Dallas Mavericks

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Only in Dallas can you feel the energy it infuses into the city's skyline. The jersey letters, numbers and trim lines are neon lines, showing the trend of the city of Dallas and a colorful nightlife.

Denver Nuggets

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The Denver Plateau, located a mile above sea level, is a special challenge for Nuggets opponents. Nuggets City Jersey shirt patterns reflect the characteristics of the city's altitude, but also the use of highlighted gold color cleverly expressed the team's desire to move to a new height.

Detroit Pistons

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Pistons city jerseys with stainless steel color details and well-organized lines pattern, so that the entire jersey to show a modern and neat automotive atmosphere. The jersey chest is notable for the words "Motor City," the big D team logo on the belt symbolizes the return of the team and represents the pride of the city's fan base.

Golden State Warriors

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Warriors City Jersey journeys the Bay Area's Chinese culture. Department of the belt at the happy Chinese team name is very conspicuous, while the chest of the team logo is a fusion of the Golden Gate Bridge and traditional Chinese culture.

Indiana Walker

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Pacers City Jersey is mainly the performance of Indiana's long history of racing. The checkered flag and finish line in front of the jersey is very lively, and the player number design mimics the classic racing number plate.

Los Angeles Clippers

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This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Clippers' relocation to California. This urban jersey uses the color and details of the San Diego Clippers to commemorate the team's history.

Los Angeles Lakers

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Lakers City Edition jersey theme is to tribute to the team's legendary history. The first one to receive this award is Bryant - Bryant, jersey design background is Black Mamba pattern.

Memphis Grizzlies

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This jersey design inspired by the 1968 Memphis sanitation workers in the strike called "I am also human" slogan, jersey reflects the impact of the campaign on the environment and the huge loss, and it is also next year, Martin - Luther - King 50th anniversary of the assassination of Memphis.

Milwaukee Bucks

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The background color of the Bucks City Jersey comes from the famous cream city brick color of Milwaukee. Shirts printed with high spirits of the stag's head, belt, Wisconsin, there are silhouettes of the overall performance of the Bucks fans work hard and passionate temperament.

Minnesota Timberwolves

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The theme of the Timberwolves City jersey is "Brave Northern Territory." The main color is taken from wolves in winter gray coat color, white is the northern snow-capped landscape. The jersey's color scheme shows the wolf's ability to camouflage and protect himself as a predator at the top of the food chain, as well as the Timberwolves 'New Era' - a firm and hungering breakaway and a winning culture .

New Orleans Pelicans

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The Pelican Team Jersey shirt shows New Orleans' gorgeous life during the Carnival. Bold color highlighting the power, faith and justice, "Dancing" number passing the vitality of the city, the neckline at the design of the classic Duke of the Carnival decorated. This jersey will only be worn during the carnival.

Oklahoma City Thunder

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The city jersey team logo and color match the performance of the Thunder team style - fast, fearless and vibrant. Around the jersey is familiar with the sun set of icons and blue rays, a symbol of the storm coming, the natural power of the implementation of the stadium inside and outside.

Orlando Magic

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The brink of light broadens our universe and reveals a world beyond our imagination. Magic City jersey symbolizes the need to get more hungry, to break the boundaries, expand the extension, to pursue something greater than the self. Higher, farther, deeper, never-ending.

Philadelphia 76ers

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76 City jersey with a parchment color as a baseball jersey to commemorate the independence of the United States; team names also used from the "Declaration of Independence" font design. The "76" on the ball is taken from the style of the 200th anniversary of the independence of the United States in Philadelphia.

Phoenix sun

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The Phoenix Suns City Jersey, in particular, pays tribute to local Hispanic fans who have supported the team for 50 years. Above the purple Phoenix background is the team's Spanish name "Los Suns"; the back of the jersey also comes from the Phoenix design details.

Portland Trail Blazers

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Trail Blazers version of the urban jersey plaid design is to pay tribute to the legendary coach Jack - Ramsey's unique dress, as well as the history of the Northwest fashion. Portland's nickname "The Rip City" represents the local community, culture and fans; red is the city's iconic color.

Sacramento Kings

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Kings City Jersey shirt with 1985 version of the light blue shirt, on behalf of the rich history of the team and a bright future. The new shirt with a popular light blue and red with the chest with fans favorite lion head standard. This is the first time the team has adopted this icon on their shirt.

San Antonio Spurs

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Spurs City Jersey to those soldiers serving in the U.S. Army to pay tribute. Camouflage color from the United States Army combat clothing, this shirt also shows the Holy City's own nickname, "the United States military city" pride.

Utah Jazz

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Utah City Jersey jerseys on the level design shows the beautiful natural beauty of Utah: Including the famous stepped red rock, the thrilling natural stone archway, and thrilling canyon landscape. The jersey side of the road line design comes from the Salt Lake City to southern Utah's tourist routes.

Washington Wizards

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Washington Wizards City Jersey shows the style of the District of Columbia and the Capital. The marble texture on the side is taken from the Washington Monument, and the design of the chamfer effect on the team's numbers is also sourced from this.

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