plz do not log on the account during the leveling, just want to keep your account safe and IP same . Because of the IP tracking from Blizzard, if you want to know the status, you can come to our live chat or go to our forum to check it
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Power Leveling
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What is Powerleveling?

Power Leveling is a revolutionary service feature that allows you to skip all the boring and unwanted steps in gaming.  You can jump ahead and enjoy the experience and advantages of an expert gamer!  We will log in your account and play your character until we reach your desired level.  Once you get your account back, you can fully enjoy a leveled up and powerful character!


Account Safety

Mygamestock relies on strictly enforced internal policies to safeguard customer game accounts. Every single character is leveled by a master player that conducts himself in an ethical manner in the game. Your character will not be used to Player-Kill, Kill-Steal, hoard farming locations, or any other in-game behavior that is frowned upon. It goes without saying that macros, dupes, game bug exploits, and other such foolishness will never be used. In short, your character will be leveled the safest way possible: by going through the grind.


Account Security

We understand that you may be nervous about letting us access your game account while leveling your character. Game account theft is a very real problem, thus we take the security of our custumers' game accounts very seriously. In addition to the fact that we as a company would like to stay in business for more than a few weeks, you should take comfort in the fact that we only need your game ID and password to level your character. We do not need your master ID, password, or your birthday, all of which are needed to take full control of an account. Since you keep this vital information yourself, your account is fully secure.



While leveling your character, our master players will only talk to other characters under our control. If we happened to run into someone who is familiar with your character, we indicate that we are a friend or relative playing your character for a little while. You may also tell us how to deal with such situations. We will not under any circumstance reveal the leveling service.


Unparalleled Value

By being a direct service provider, Mygamestock has flexibility and cost savings that leveling resellers do not have. We can draft a customized leveling package to include any such equipment that you wish to purchase. Other sellers may undercut our prices in desperation, but they cannot deliver the same level and quality of service as we can. Be especially weary of those that advertise a low daily rate but make it up by quoting you more days than needed.


No Hidden Costs

We will not take any of your equipment or expend any of your gold. Your posessions prior to the start of leveling will be fully inventoried and returned back to you intact. Your character will also keep all items from drops during the leveling service. However, since drops and such are by chance, we cannot make any guarantees about what extra items your character will gain through drops.



How to Order Powerleveling

1. Order a leveling plan online, you may use the calculator in our website to get a price estimate. 

2. After the payment has been received, we will start powerleveling your account according to your order within 1 hour, this may also depend on your game, server, and class.

3. Prior to starting your leveling service, you can specify a segment of time each day when you can play with your character. This not only allows you to track the progress of your character, but you can use the time to meet up with your friends in the game and explore your character's new powers.


Below is a list of the most common power leveling services that we provide. We understand that most players will have unique needs. Thus, email us for a fully customized quote.



We prefer you not to log in to your account during the process so we can complete it as quickly as possible.


But if you are trying to log onto your account while leveling your character, please do inform our customer service representatives using Live Chat at any time, we will arrange for you in 5 minutes after receiving your request.

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